On 10th November 2015, I took on my first fundraising sports challenge – to attempt to knock down 2,015 pins in 15 games of ten pin bowling and to raise £2,015 for Jack’s Rainbow. There was also a team bowling competition running parallel with my challenge, with over 10 teams all battling it out. Annoyingly, I didn’t quite hit the bowling target, ending up with 1992, just 23 pins short. It was going well until it all got a bit cosmic on me and S Club 7 kicked in! 23 strikes, 56 spares, 17 splits (2 made into spares) and a fair few misses. But to score 99% of the target and still have a (slight) chance to reach 2015 when I stepped up for the last frame…….well I’ve got to be pretty proud of that effort.

Most importantly though, with money from donations and team entry fees, the £2,015 target was smashed!

Thanks to everybody who contributed in any way, but especially those who organised a bowling team and/or donated prizes. Special thanks to Debbie Locke, who convinced me to marry the £2015 target with the 2015 challenge and supported me all the way. The winners of the competition to guess how many pins I would knock down were Keith Edwards with 1989 who wins the Coxs Yard vouchers, and my Auntie Eileen (who went for 1987 on my suggestion being the year Cov won the FA Cup) and wins the bottle of champagne from Warwick Hilton (come on Eileen, too-ra-loo-rye, aye) 😀